2. december 2010

Frankrig: “prisoners hanging up posters of Bin Laden, destroying Christmas trees and bibles”

Wikileaks offentliggjorde tidligere på ugen mere end 250.000 dokumenter, men selvom flere tusinde journalister er sat på sagen, er det småt med overskrift-materiale. Principielt er det fint med åbenhed, men strategien indikerer bagmændene ikke ligefrem tilhører det åbne samfunds forkæmpere. “Yes, making mock o’ uniforms that guard you while you sleep” (Kipling, 1890: Tommy).

I det lækkede materiale, har en Urias-læser fundet et par hemmeligstemplede dokumenter fra ambassaden i Paris, begge fra 2005.

Subject: Putting out brushfires: France and islamic extremism (17. august 2005).

“Two specific sources of Islamic extremism are of special interest. First is the French prison system, with a population that is estimated at over 50 percent Muslim. According to another leaked RG report from May 2005, Islamic extremism here is growing in popularity, with scattered reports of prisoners hanging up posters of Bin Laden, destroying Christmas trees and bibles, and cries of joy at the news of American soldiers killed in Iraq or suicide bombings in Israel.” (2. The potentials of islamic extremism)

“Although there is always room for improvement, the GOF appears to have done what it can in the short- and medium-term to combat Islamic extremism. Over the long-term, however, much work needs to be done. France does not only have an integration/immigration problem; it must also work to give a place to Muslims in the French identity. Despite claims that its commitment to secularism nullifies prejudice against any religion, it is an open secret that historically Catholic France has heretofore failed to muster sufficient will and understanding to truly accept Muslims as French citizens.” (12. Although confident in its ‘offensive’ C/T strategy, France still struggles with integration)

Subject: Violence in surburbs: Comments of terrorism investigating judge (4. november 2005)

“During a conversation November 3 with terrorism investigating judge Jean-Francois Ricard, Poloff asked for his analysis of recent violence in the suburbs (ref A). Ricard began by saying that no one in the French government should be surprised by what has happened. Successive governments have tried and failed to integrate suburbs with high immigrant populations. For “the last twenty years,” said Ricard, the GOF has known that the suburbs have become areas where respect for the state has dried up. As a result of this inattention, the suburbs with high immigrant populations have lost their French identity and have built up an identity based on the “cites,” (similar to the “projects”). French symbols of authority, like the fireman and policeman, are considered to be “assassins” and worthy of being targeted. In addition, gangs and radical Islamic groups have an interest in keeping the cites free of GOF influence to maintain their freedom of operation.” (1.)

“Ricard criticized many current French analyses as “tired leftist critiques” uttered by those who have no understanding of the world of the cites. He said they focused only on socio-economic problems, viewing the cites inhabitants as victims of precarious living situations — young people who are unemployed and uneducated, with poor prospects for the future. When he had been an ordinary investigating judge in the northern suburb of Bobigny, Ricard said people were relatively well-off. They had cars and televisions and other material possessions. Other areas of France, such as the north near Belgium, were much poorer, said Ricard. (2.)

“If the unrest dies out “very quickly,” this would be bad news, said Ricard. It would mean that gangs and other groups in the cites exert a powerful control over those currently burning cars and assaulting police. These gangs have no interest in triggering a massive GOF response, because it would mean the long-term “occupation” of the cites… (Note: In a strangely prescient interview with Le Monde on October 25 about his plan to increase security in the cites, Sarkozy said that, since the beginning of 2005, “9000 police vehicles” in France have had stones and other projectiles thrown at them. Every night, Sarkozy continued, “between 20 and 40 ” vehicles (presumably not only police vehicles) are burned or otherwise set on fire. End note.)” (3.)

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  1. At et dokument er “hemmeligt”, betyder blot, at det deler vores analyse. Det kan således ikke offentliggøres.

    – – -

    Kommentar by Morten - - - — 2. december 2010 @ 20:38

  2. Er nogen overraskede?

    Kommentar by karl3447 — 2. december 2010 @ 21:44

  3. Tak fordi du bloggede mit fund, jeg skal poste flere i kommentarerne hvis der kommer mere relevant materiale.

    “Wikileaks offentliggjorde tidligere på ugen mere end 250.000 dokumenter” Dette er desværre notorisk forkert, selvom mange medier bliver ved med at gentage det.

    WikiLeaks er i besiddelse af over 250.000 dokumenter, men det er kun nogle hundrede der er offentliggjort indtil videre.

    Der offentliggøres hver dag nye dokumenter, og de kan i uredigeret (dog let censureret af hensyn til enkeltpersoners privatliv og levned) form læses efterhånden som de offentliggøres her: http://cablegate.wikileaks.org/ (Siden kan være langsom, da den, ligesom uriasposten.net, ofte er under DoS-angreb.)

    Kommentar by Anonymous — 2. december 2010 @ 22:06

  4. [...] Wikileaks, h/t Uriasposten: SUBJECT: PUTTING OUT BRUSHFIRES: FRANCE AND [...]

    Pingback by Wikileaks: 44% of French Muslim converts are Salafists | allah.eu — 3. december 2010 @ 00:21

  5. Ifølge decemberudgaven af DSBs magasin Ud & Se har Paris ligesom København også forsøgt at starte en bycykelordning, men 16000 af de 20000 cykler er mærkeligt nok forsvundet. Gerningsmændene er hovedsageligt `utilfredse unge fra forstæderne´, og det ved vist alle hvad er for nogen:

    Apropos: Røveri – En sydlandsk specialitet:
    (Alle tre artikler fra gårsdagens avis)

    Kommentar by Hertz — 4. december 2010 @ 08:55

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