4. oktober 2005

Venstrefløjens koryfæer falder på stribe – lidt om Allende & Che Guevara

En artikel fra Der Spiegel som for nogle måneder siden afslørede Allende som anti-semit. Et citat fra Was Salvador Allende a Racist?

“Next to this poison cabinet, there’s a door, secured with a padlock. Stored there is a yellowed and tattered book collection, which contains the 1933 dissertation of the medical doctor and future president of Chile Salvador Allende Gossens. The work is “public and open to everyone.”

But apparently the scientist Victor Farias, 65, was the first person ever to closely read the dissertation. In his newly published book, Farias claims that Allende, known as an icon of the left in South America and Europe, was actually quite different than the legend. The proof, Farias writes, is all right here, in Allende’s own dissertation. The scientist says the dissertation exposes Allende as a racist and anti-Semite, and as a proponent of eugenics and forced sterilizations.

Et passende citat fra Daniel James’ formidable Che Guevara-biografi:

“‘Che Lives!’
Does he? For whom?
Half the World is singularly unmoved by Ché… in death as in life. That half consists of the Communist world whose ideology he so loyally and ferventlig served until the end. It virtually ignores him. No ‘Ché Lives!’ posters are carried in the streets of Moscow, Warsaw, Sofia, East Berlin… nor yet in the capitals of Red Asia with which Ché was even more in tune: Peking, Hanoi, Pyongyang… Ché ‘lives’ in the West almost exclusively. His appeal is confined largely to the hated capitalist lands, principally the affluent ones lacking a ‘countryside’ suitable for guerrilla action… Even in the West, where he has wider appeal, Ché ‘lives’ principally for small minority groups: the extremist students, the New Left and som Old left retreads, the incurably romantic liberals who cannot live without caudillo-type symbols, the rebellious adolescents and the frustrated Strangler, and any antihero whose trademark is violence as they are of Ché.

Kilde: : Daniel James: Ché Guevara – a biography. New York, 1969. S. 304f.

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  1. Mere om proto-nazisten Allende her:


    “I seem to run into surprise after surprise these days, with icon after icon of the left being outed as falling somewhat short of the idealistic people they have been portrayed as. First Marx was outed as an ultracapitalist stocktrader and serial freeloader, then uncle Ho turned out to be a would-be collaborator with the French imperialists, and now this: Salvador Allende is outed as a secret proto-nazi. The Telegraph reports:

    >Mr Farias, who teaches at the Latin American Institute of Berlin’s
    >Free University, said: “I thought I would look at what he had done,
    >and looked at his writings, and this dissertation came up.”

    >Only 18 pages of the dissertation, called Mental Hygiene and
    >Delinquency, have previously been published, a fact that aroused
    >the historian’s suspicions.

    >”I wanted to read the whole thing but couldn’t find it. Eventually
    >at the university I came across a mountain of old doctoral theses
    >covered in dust. Like I miracle I found his and it was 160 pages

    >”Before reading the dissertation he handed it to the Allende
    >Foundation in Santiago for authentication.

    >”They gave me a copy, and I started to read it,” he said. “I
    >thought I had gone crazy. . . there was a theory which he praised,
    >that homosexuality being a crime, it could be corrected with
    >surgery – small holes would be made in the stomach, into which
    >small pieces of testicle would be inserted. This would make the
    >person heterosexual. Then he writes about different races, and
    >their predeliction for certain crimes, he says Jews are genetically
    >programmed to commit fraud, theft and usury. This is pure Nazi
    >theory, that he says it was genetic.”

    Allendes writings also come with a Chilenian master race, no less:

    >As for Chileans, Mr Farias said the dissertation quoted a theory
    >that the Spaniards’ 300-year fight to colonise Chile had weeded out
    >the weak from both Spanish and native Indian populations, leaving
    >the proud Chileans with the best from both races.

    It does seem that Allende wasnt too thrilled with the master race he had been dealt, however, so he brought in help from Nazi Germany to help formulate a law that could help him prevent undesirables from breeding (source: Politiken – the translation is mine):

    >….that Allende as the minister of health in a Chilenian peoples´s
    >front-government 1938-41 brought the two nazis E. Brücher og Hans
    >Betzhold to Chile, so they could help him formulate a planned law
    >on forced sterilizations of the mentally retarded

    And Allendes collaboration doesnt end there (Telegraph again):

    >He was minister in 1939 and I found in the political archive of the
    >foreign office, files that the Nazis were bribing three Chilean
    >ministers. There were papers showing [Nazi foreign minister]
    >Ribbentrop paying the ministers, including Allende. They each got
    >300,000 Reichmarks.”

    >He said the money was to ensure the Chilean government bought
    >weapons stolen from Poland after 1939. The deal never came off, but
    >Mr Farias said he found a document written by the German ambassador
    >saying the money was not wasted as Nazi ideas were being spread in

    >And Mr Allende, as health minister, did propose a Bill on
    >compulsory sterilisation of the mentally ill and chronic
    >alcoholics, said Mr Farias. “Allende was more radical in this than
    >Hitler was at the time,” he said. The Bill was opposed by the
    >medical profession in Chile and never reached parliament.

    The thing that has to REALLY bug the radical left has to be this, though:

    >Mr Farias said the dissertation also attacked revolutionaries,
    >saying that although they might appear normal, they were actually

    You can almost hear their hearts breaking, cant you?? :-)”


    Kommentar by Henrik Krog — 5. oktober 2005 @ 09:52

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