23. juni 2007

Ni ud af ti amerikanske journalister der støtter politiske kandidater – støtter demokraterne

MSNBC har gennemgået listerne over politiske kampagne-bidrag, og har fundet 143 højtprofilerede journalister. Det er der kommet en meget interessant artikel ud af. Her blot lidt generelt, samt specifikt om The New Yorker (venstreorienteret, Orienterings favoritmedie) og Foxnews (højreorienteret, DR ‘journalistiske’ hadeobjekt nr. 1) – Journalists dole out cash to politicians (quietly).

“MSNBC.com identified 143 journalists who made political contributions from 2004 through the start of the 2008 campaign, according to the public records of the Federal Election Commission. Most of the newsroom checkbooks leaned to the left: 125 journalists gave to Democrats and liberal causes. Only 16 gave to Republicans. Two gave to both parties.

The donors include CNN’s Guy Raz, now covering the Pentagon for NPR, who gave to Kerry the same month he was embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq; New Yorker war correspondent George Packer; a producer for Bill O’Reilly at Fox; MSNBC TV host Joe Scarborough; political writers at Vanity Fair; the editor of The Wall Street Journal’s weekend section; local TV anchors in Washington, Minneapolis, Memphis and Wichita; the ethics columnist at The New York Times; and even MTV’s former presidential campaign correspondent.


The pattern of donations, with nearly nine out of 10 giving to Democratic candidates and causes, appears to confirm a leftward tilt in newsrooms — at least among the donors, who are a tiny fraction of the roughly 100,000 staffers in newsrooms across the nation.

The donors said they try to be fair in reporting and editing the news. One of the recurring themes in the responses is that it’s better for journalists to be transparent about their beliefs, and that editors who insist on manufacturing an appearance of impartiality are being deceptive to a public that already knows journalists aren’t without biases.


A few journalists let their enthusiasm extend beyond the checkbook. A Fox TV reporter in Omaha, Calvert Collins, posted a photo on Facebook.com with her cozying up to a Democratic candidate for Congress. She urged her friends, “Vote for him Tuesday, Nov. 7!” She also gave him $500. She said she was just trying to build rapport with the candidates. (And what builds rapport more effectively than $500 and a strapless gown?)


George Packer is The New Yorker’s man in Iraq.

The war correspondent for the magazine since 2003 and author of the acclaimed 2005 book “The Assassins’ Gate: America in Iraq,” Packer gave $750 to the Democratic National Committee in August 2004, and then $250 in 2005 to Iraq war veteran Paul Hackett, an anti-war Democrat who campaigned unsuccessfully for a seat in Congress from Ohio.

In addition to his reported pieces, Packer also writes commentary for the magazine, such as his June 11 piece ruing Bush’s “shallow, unreflective character.”…

His colleague Judith Thurman wrote the New Yorker’s sympathetic profile of Teresa Heinz Kerry, published on Sept. 27, 2004. Ten days later, the Democratic National Committee recorded Thurman’s donation of $1,000…

Besides, there’s the magazine’s famously rigorous editing. The last bulwark against bias slipping into The New Yorker is the copy department, whose chief editor, Ann Goldstein, gave $500 in October to MoveOn.org, which campaigns for Democrats and against President Bush.


Guy Raz of CNN and NPR, covering the war, giving to John Kerry, all in the same month.

As the Jerusalem correspondent for CNN, he was embedded with U.S. troops in Iraq in June 2004, when he gave $500 to John Kerry.

He didn’t supply his occupation or employer to the Kerry campaign, so his donation is listed in federal records with only his name and London address. Now he covers the Pentagon for NPR.


Fox News Channel is alone among the four major TV networks in placing no restrictions on campaign contributions. But there were surprises in the records for those who think everyone at Fox is a Republican. Researcher Codie Brooks, of Brit Hume’s “Special Report,” gave $2,600 last year to the Senate campaign of Harold Ford Jr., the Memphis Democrat. She said she raised much of the money from friends. “A lot of Fox employees have contributed to Democratic candidates,” she said. “I know I’m not the only one.”

Læs det hele.

  • Campaignmoney.com – Political Campaign Contributions from News Corporation Ltd Employees (Foxnews, samtlige ansatte: 34 pct. til R; 41 pct. til D).
  • Newsmeat.com – Rupert Murdoch (Foxnews, ejer: Støtter mange, herunder i stigende grad demokratiske kandidater og Hillary Clinton).
  • 22/3-07 Canadia Free Press – Fox News Hires Big-Name Liberal (Harold Ford, Jr; tidl. demokratiske kongressmedlem, nu politisk kommentar på Foxnews).

    1. Før i tiden lavede man jokes om de pengeliderlige advokater, nu om stunder har journalister overtaget pladsen…jeg prøver.

      Hvad kalder man 1000 advokater på bunden af havet?
      – jo en god start!
      ha ha he he…lidt sjov er den da..

      Hvad kalder man 1000 journalister på bunden af havet?
      – jo en god start!
      MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…….VRÆÆÆL…..HE HE…..MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA…..ah ja så er jeg fær… MUHAHAHAHAHAHA -sorry! -nu er jeg færdig med at grine.

      Den er faktisk sjovere og mere relevant


      Kommentar by Onion — 23. juni 2007 @ 15:49

    2. Demokratiet vandt. Menneskeheden tabte.

      Mvh. Børge.

      Kommentar by Børge — 23. juni 2007 @ 16:23

    3. Så er det jo ligesom i Danmark, 9 ud af 10 støtter ventrefløjen.

      Kommentar by mike — 23. juni 2007 @ 20:41

    4. Ironisk at folk der råber på frihed, støtter den fløj, der vil bekæmpe friheden.

      Kommentar by Dansk Realist — 24. juni 2007 @ 00:00

    5. @4

      Som Møllers sag mod Briz beviser, er de kun for trykke-, presse-, gengivelses- og citatfrihed, når selvsamme frihed tilfalder dem selv.

      Kommentar by DaLi — 24. juni 2007 @ 15:44

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