7. november 2018

N. Tebbits om nazisme og fascisme: “They were the Left-wing of politics on the European mainland.”

Den yderste venstrefløj har sat sig på definitionerne, og en ledsagende konsekvens er en stækket højrefløj. Norman Tebbits kommenterer en grotesk Spectator-forside i Daily Telegraph – A history lesson for those who would smear the moderate Right: the Nazis were socialists.

“The New Statesman magazine has become rather unsettled in recent weeks about what it describes, on the front page on September 14, as ‘the far Right wing rising again’, and ‘the return of fascism’. Those headlines were printed across the cover picture of a huge Nazi rally of steel helmeted men. There was not much inside to back up the scary front cover.

… the New Statesman was at its old game of claiming that both Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party and Mussolini’s Fascists were extreme Right wing parties. That despite the very word ’socialist’ used by Hitler to describe his own party and the Fascists, whose collectivist values were signalled by the choice of the bundle of sticks, the ‘fasces’, which could not be broken so long as they remained bound together.

The hard left Marxists who now own the Labour Party have been all too successful in smearing those of us on the moderate right as extremists. … It is either delusional or deceitful to call the Nazi or Fascist parties ‘Right wing’. There could hardly be any more clear example of the tin containing exactly what is said on the label than Hitler’s Nazis, the National Socialist German Workers Party, nor Mussolini’s collectivist Fascists. They were the Left-wing of politics on the European mainland. And they both proudly wore the racist badge of anti-Semitism. …

The political struggle in the United Kingdom today is not between an authoritarian far Right and a democratic Labour Party of the kind led by Attlee and Wilson. It is a struggle between a moderate (though sadly muddled) Conservative Party and an increasingly extreme Left-wing Labour Party. The latter is determined to follow economic policies which have failed wherever they have been imposed…”

(The New Statesman, 14. september 2018)

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