15. april 2021

Project Veritas afslører CNN: “We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about.”

Livet efter Donald Trump er ikke nemt for de store amerikanske tv-stationer. Bedst går det for Foxnews (minus 6 procent), værre for MSNBC (minus 26 procent) og værst for CNN (minus 45 procent). Nyhedsformidling handler mestendel om integritet, og her post-Trump fremstår CNN totalt afklædt. Her en relateret afsløring af Project Veritas, der har været undercover og talt med CNN-chefen Charlie Hester.

(Charlie Heston, da han konfronteres af Project Veritas)

Fra New York Post – CNN staffer boasts to Project Veritas that network peddled anti-Trump ‘propaganda’.

“A CNN staffer admitted in a secretly recorded video that his network produced ‘propaganda’ to oust former President Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential election — and bragged about their success.

Charlie Chester, a technical Director at the cable network, was filmed by Project Veritas during a series of fake Tinder dates as he explained how they ‘got Trump out’ of office.

Look what we did, we [CNN] got Trump out. I am 100​ percent going to say it, and I 100​ percent believe that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out,’ Chester said, adding that he came to work at CNN because he ​​’wanted to be a part of that.’

‘Our focus was to get Trump out of office, right? Without saying it, that’s what it was.’

Chester explained how they overdramatized Trump health issues by bringing in medical experts.

‘[Trump’s] hand was shaking or whatever, I think. We brought in so many medical people to all tell a story that was all speculation – that he was neurologically damaged, and he was losing it. He’s unfit to – you know – whatever. We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about. I think that’s propaganda,’ he said. …

Chester told his ‘date’ he would be fine with it if Biden died, because he thought Vice President Kamala Harris is ‘f—ing real.’ … Chester was asked if CNN covered Biden tripping as he walked up the stairs.

‘But you talk about that briefly. You don’t make that a huge story,’ he said.”


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George Floyd og Daunte Wright: “To be a BLM martyr worth rioting for, you’ve gotta assault women.”

Black Lives Matter har fået en ny martyr. 20-årige Daunte Wright, der søndag ved et uheld blev skudt af politiet i forbindelse med en anholdelse i Minnesota. Politiets optagelser kan ses her. Interessante oplysninger hos Frontpage Mag – Daunte Wright Held Woman at Gunpoint, Choked Her to Steal Her Rent Money.

“Daunte Wright was allegedly pulled over for having expired license plate tags… While checking his details, Potter and other officers learned of the warrant. What was that warrant for?

Wright was due to face trial on a charge of attempted aggravated robbery – with a possible maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

What was involved? The usual George Floyd stuff. To be a BLM martyr worth rioting for, you’ve gotta assault women.

In the morning, one of the women went to the bank to get her $820 rent money which she gave to the other woman and then left for work. As Wright, Driver and the second woman were leaving, Wright allegedly tried to hold up the woman.

Defendant Wright then pulled a black handgun with silver trim out from either his right waistband or his right coat pocket and pointed it at victim and demanded the rent money,’ continued Mikkelson. …

Mikkelson’s report said: ‘The $820 cash was tucked in the victim’s bra and defendant Wright placed his hand around victim’s neck and choked her while trying to pull the cash from under her bra. …

After more yelling, Wright allegedly told the woman that he was going to shoot her unless he got the money. …

Mikkelson added: ‘Defendant Wright then tried to choke victim a second time and tried to take her money. ….”

(Daunte Wright agerer gangster på Instagram, 2021; Fotos: Youtube)

“Ifølge AFP affyrede politiet søndag aften tåregas mod vrede demonstranter foran politistationen i Brooklyn Center, der ligger nordvest for Minneapolis. Nogle af demonstranterne havde medbragt Black Lives Matter-flag…” (DR.dk, 12. april 2021)

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14. april 2021

Berlingskes Martin Tønner om ‘Trumps kupforsøg’, “… dårligt forberedte og sparsomt bevæbnede”

Martin Tønner er Berlingskes korrespondent i Sydeuropa, men er bedst kendt for at have skrevet en biografi om FC Barcelona. Han har tilsyneladende heller ikke store analytiske evner. I overskriften vrøvles der om ‘Trumps kupforsøg’, hvor man i billedteksten kan læse at Trump-tilhængerne var ‘dårligt forberedte og sparsomt bevæbnede’. Måske var det så ikke et kupforsøg alligevel, og måske er hans spekulative væven om Bolsonaros kupplaner ligeledes baseret på håndsoprækning i presselogen. Fra Berlingske – Analyse: USA holdt stand mod Trumps kupforsøg. Kan Brasilien overleve det samme? (kræver login).

“Præsident Jair Bolsonaros søn, Eduardo, har kun foragt tilovers for de tilhængere af Donald Trump, der i begyndelsen af januar stormede USAs kongres. Ikke fordi de forsøgte at løbe det amerikanske demokrati over ende, men fordi det mislykkedes for dem.

‘Bedre organiseret og ordentligt bevæbnet kunne de have fremsat krav og dræbt alle de politikere, de hader. Det var ynkeligt,’ vurderede Eduardo Bolsonaro…

‘Tropiske Trump’, som de internationale medier har døbt Jair Bolsonaro, er presset på flere fronter. Og er han i gang med at forberede en plan B ved udsigten til et stadig mere sandsynligt nederlag ved næste års præsidentvalg?”

(Berlingske.dk, 11. april 2021)

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12. april 2021

Black Lives Matter: Patrisse ‘we are trained marxists’ Khan-Cullors køber naturskøn villa i hvidt kvarter

Det var Black Lives Matter-grundlæggeren Patrisse Khan-Cullors, der under et interview indrømmede, at de var ‘trained marxists’. Nu har hun så købt en dyr naturskøn villa i et overvejende hvidt kvarter, i god afstand fra fattige sorte, som hun hævder at kæmpe for. Fra Dirt.com – Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors Lands Topanga Canyon Compound.

“A secluded mini-compound tucked into L.A.’s rustic and semi-remote Topanga Canyon was recently sold for a tad more than $1.4 million to a corporate entity that public records show is controlled by Patrisse Khan-Cullors, 37-year-old social justice visionary and co-founder of the galvanizing and, for some, controversial Black Lives Matter movement.

Kahn-Cullors, a UCLA and USC graduate married about five years ago to social activist (and amateur boxer) Janaya Khan, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, created the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag in 2013 in response to George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the 2012 shooting of Trayvon Martin. …

A winding 15 minute drive from The Commons at Calabasas and a slightly longer and somewat less serpentine drive from Malibu’s Getty Villa, the pint-sized compound spans about one-quarter of an acre. The property’s not-quite 2,400 square feet is divided between the a three-bedroom and two-bath main house and a separate one-bed/one-bath apartment capable of hosting guests long term with a private entry and a living room with kitchenette.

Interior spaces feature bamboo floors and, in the spacious open-plan living room, dining area and kitchen, vaulted ceilings clad in knotty pine. A whitewashed raised hearth brick fireplace anchors the living room and numerous skylights baths the cavernous space with natural light. …”

(Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Black Lives Matter-grundlægger, erklæret marxist; Foto: Youtube)

(Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ nye bolig i hvidt område, lidt uden for Los Angeles; Fotos: Dirt)

“In her new zip code, 88 per cent of residents are white and 1.8 per cent black, according to the census. The house is only 20 miles from her childhood home in Van Nuys, but is a world away.” (Daily Mail, 10. April 2021)

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9. april 2021

Science fiction film med hærgende ork’er: “Most critics hated Bright… by contrast, the public loved it.”

‘Ork’-metaforer er vel egentlig dårlig stil, men de perma-krænkede fangede den uden videre, og det gjorde jeg også. Will Smith gør det ok som politimanden Daryl Ward, men sci-fi er ikke mig, og var det ikke for plottet, så havde jeg nok Netflix’et en anden film. Filmen er fra 2017, og The Guardians indignerede anmeldelse er ikke af nyere dato – Will Smith’s Bright: racial allegory or straight up racism? (2018).

Most critics hated Bright (it scores 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, 29 on Metacritic); by contrast, the public loved it. On its release last December, Bright was watched by 11 million people in the United States in its first three days – hence the sequel.

Much of the sticking point with Bright comes down to its headline conceit: fantasy creatures living in modern-day Los Angeles. In Bright’s scenario, elves are now the moneyed elite, humans are in the middle of society and orcs are the underclass – distrusted, mocked, discriminated against, persecuted and socially deprived. Many orcs are gang members, who hang out in sportswear and chunky jewellery and finger-gun the cops driving by. Do you see what they did there?

if Bright shines a light on anything, it’s how problematic these kind of movies are. There’s a thin line between racial allegory and straight-up racist.

The principal orc character, played by Joel Edgerton, is the LAPD’s first non-human cop: a ‘diversity hire’. In time-honoured fashion, he is partnered with a grouchy human cop who hates orcs. The set-up bears suspicious similarities to the 1988 sci-fi movie Alien Nation, in which James Caan plays the grouchy cop partnering up with an alien newbie; but in Bright, the human is Will Smith. So you’ve got an African American who’s basically playing a racist. Huh? Early on, Smith also brutally batters to death an innocent fairy, stating: ‘Fairy lives don’t matter.’ Again – huh? Smith described the role as ‘an interesting flip. It gave me room to explore the idea from a different angle. It familiarised me with the psychological perspective of superiority’. For many viewers, it was a flip too far.”

(Fotos: Bright, 2017; Se evt. Youtube)

Daryl Ward (Will Smith):

“I ‘am’ the city. All right? You save your dime. Fairy lives don’t matter today.

“I need to know if you’re a cop first, or an Orc first. I need to hear you say it.”

“Tell these dickheads, in Orcish, get the fuck back in their vehicles, and drive home, or they’re all going to jail.”

“That’s not true! All right? Orcs are not dumb. Just… all of the races are different, okay? And just ‘cause they’re different doesn’t mean anybody’s smarter, or dumber, you know, better or worse than anybody. All right, it’s just everybody’s trying to get along and have a good life.”

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7. april 2021

‘Unwilling to look at the data’: BT citerer CNN, der refererer Bidens modstand mod fyldt Texas-stadion

Tirsdag formiddag citerede jeg en blogpost fra Punditokraterne, hvor Christian Bjørnskov gengav pointerne fra en AIER-artikel, der blandt andet påviste at genåbningen af Texas ikke har medført flere smittede eller døde i delstaten. Restriktionerne havde ikke nogen målbar effekt. Nogenlunde samtidig bragte BT.dk en oversat CNN-artikel baseret på Joe Bidens modstand mod genåbning i Texas – Biden advarede dem – nu går billederne verden rundt (af Nadia Guldbæk Welch).

“38.238 tilskuere. … Baseball-kampen var den første med tæt på fuld kapacitet, siden sportsbegivenheder verden over blev lukket ned for netop tilskuere som følge af coronapandemien, og billeder fra den bliver nu delt flittigt verden over. For det er næsten efterhånden blevet usædvanligt at se mange mennesker samlet. …

USA’s præsident Joe Biden har blandt andet advaret mod at lukke så mange tilskuere ind. Det gjorde han allerede i sidste uge, da han mener, det er for tidligt.”

(Collage: BT, AIER)

“After a full year and directly observing the inability of ‘nonpharmaceutical interventions’ to manage the pathogen, the experts are still wedded to their beloved lockdowns, unable or unwilling to look at the data and learn anything from them.” (Jeffrey A. Tucker, AIER)

6. april 2021

Bjørnskov: “.. Texas og Georgia burde være på forsiden, men journalister ignorerer dem fuldstændigt.”

De danske medier læser stadig alt om USA gennem en Trump-prisme, og derfor er gode erfaringer med genåbning i Texas, Georgia og Florida en historie der ikke bliver fortalt. Der er ingen redaktionelle valg, blot oversat antipati. Personligt ser jeg frem til total genåbning, og kan passende citere provinske Peter Sommer: “Jeg er ikke bange for at dø, men for at leve for lidt.” (Vi Der Valgte Mælkevejen, 2019)

God kommentar af Christian Bjørnskov hos Punditokraterne – Genåbningserfaringer, politik og håb.

“Den glimrende Jeffrey Tucker fra the American Institute of Economic Research skrev forleden en kort artikel med titlen, Why Is Everyone in Texas Not Dying? I artiklen tager Tucker udgangspunkt i at Texas guvernør Gregg Abbott den 1. februar afskaffede alle restriktioner og bragte staten tilbage til formel normalitet. En hel række politikere og epidemiologer kaldte beslutningen vanvid og advarede mod den bølge af Covid-smitte, der ville skylde ind over staten, og påstod at texanerne nærmest ville dø som fluer uden en statslig nedlukning. Det hele minder meget om diskussionerne i Danmark i foråret, da man begyndte at åbne samfundet en smule op.

Sagen er blot, at præcist ligesom i Danmark i foråret 2020, er smitte- og dødstallene ikke steget efter genoplukningen. Der er endda tale om en fuld genopåbning, som i Texas er blevet efterfulgt af et fald i smittetallet på cirka 30 procent. Georgia, der åbnede op allerede i slutningen af april – statens politiske ledelse gjorde præcist hvad man havde lovet, da man lukkede ned for at beskytte hospitalsvæsenet fra overbelastning og derefter opdagede, at det ikke skete – og staten har haft en ganske almindelig virussæson. Florida, der har været næsten fuldt åbent siden starten af september, har haft relativt mange dødsfald, men færre end det hårdt nedlukkede Californien. …

Et af de mest absurde forhold i det sidste års dystopiske tilværelse har netop været, at epidemiologer, politikere og andre meningsdannere har advaret gang på gang om, at hvis man ikke lukkede mere ned, ville alt gå galt, og hvis man åbnede samfundet op, ville dødstallet eksplodere. Men det er aldrig sket! I stedet for at lære af de erfaringer, der nu er med nedlukninger og genåbninger – erfaringer som bekræfter, at den epidemistrategi, de fleste lande havde i 2019, og som advarede mod nedlukninger, var korrekt – er medier begyndt at censurere forskere, der ikke støtter de statslige linjer. En af de mest citerede epidemiologer i verden, Harvards Martin Kulldorff, er i således blevet censureret på Twitter. Andre steder handler det ikke om censur, men mediers selvcensur når journalister er overbeviste om statens linje, og derefter gør livet svært for deres kolleger, der gerne ville være skeptiske og gøre deres journalistiske arbejde ordentligt. Erfaringerne fra Texas og Georgia burde være på forsiden, men journalister ignorerer dem fuldstændigt.

(Ribe Domkirke med det 52 meter højde fæstningstårn til venstre, Ribemarsken, Påskedag 2021)

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3. april 2021

Bilangreb ved Kongressen: 25-årige Noah Green, kaldte sig ‘Noah X’, ‘Nation of Islam’-tilhænger…

Langfredag kørte en mand betjente ned foran Kongressen i Washington, hvorefter han angreb med kniv, og blev skudt. Flere medier laver en historie på basis af Ritzau, herunder Politiken, der i to artikler associerer angrebet med ‘den yderste højrefløj ‘. Når virkeligheden ikke understøtter narrativet, så dør historien spontant. Se evt. her.

“Ifølge flere amerikanske medier har myndigheder identificeret gerningsmanden. Der er tale om en 25-årig mand fra staten Indiana. Personen er ikke kendt af politiet i forvejen, og der er umiddelbart ingen indikationer på hans motiv til at angribe betjentene. …

Angrebet skete 90 meter fra indgangen til den amerikanske kongres. Her stormede tilhængere af den tidligere præsident Donald Trump bygning for knap tre måneder siden, og udløste en enorm konstitutionel krise. Fem døde ved angrebet, heriblandt en politimand.”

(Gerningsmanden: Noah Green, tilhænger af Elijah Muhammads ‘Nation of Islam’; Fotos: Facebook)

“Noah Green, a former college football player and Nation of Islam adherent, was named as the knife-wielding, now-deceased suspect who rammed a car into a U.S. Capitol barricade, exiting with a knife and killing one Capitol police officer while injuring another.

Green’s Nation of Islam beliefs emerged through a review of his now-deleted Facebook… On Facebook, as recently as March 2021, the suspect expressed admiration for Elijah Muhammad, the now-deceased Nation of Islam leader who was a mentor to Malcolm X. Green referred to himself as ‘Noah X.’

The Facebook posts reviewed by Heavy did not mention any presidents or political parties; they seemed fixated instead on Nation of Islam religious teachings and a sense of a troubled world.” (Heavy)

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28. marts 2021

Mistænkte i masseskyderier, USA 2020…

Man kan altid diskutere definitioner, men de danske mediers dækning af skyderier i USA er langt fra skiven. Grafik baseret på Wikipedias liste over ‘mass shootings in the USA’ (2020).

(Foto: Patriots.win, se evt. Twitter)

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24. marts 2021

Colorado-skyderi: Ahmad Alissa, en 21-årig Trumphadende syrisk muslim, myrdede 10 i indkøbscenter

‘En 21-årig mand’ er sigtet for ti drab efter skyderi ved et supermarked i Colorado, skriver DR Online, der i en tidligere historie, pointerede at det endnu var ‘uvist, hvad gerningsmandens motiv’ var. ‘Biden vil forbyde en række semi- og fuldautomatiske våben efter ti skuddrab i Colorado’, lød det sent tirsdag aften, og det blev så narrativet.

(Gerningsmanden: Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21-årig syrisk indvandrer)

(Ofrene: Ti hvide mænd og kvinder, mellem 20 og 65 år; Info: CBSlocal, KVDR)

Mens de danske medier spekulerer over hvordan fokus kan flyttes væk fra gerningsmanden, kan man læse detaljerne hos The Daily Beast.

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa allegedly stalked through the Boulder supermarket on Monday afternoon with a rifle and a pistol, firing shot after shot, and stripping off his combat vest and clothing until surrendering to a SWAT team.

He was charged with one count of first-degree murder for each of the 10 people killed: Denny Stong, 20; Neven Stanisic, 23; Rikki Olds, 25; Tralona Bartkowika, 49; Suzanne Fountain, 59; Teri Leiker, 51; Kevin Mahoney, 61; Lynn Murray, 62; Jody Waters, 65; and Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley, 51. …

On a now-deleted Facebook page, Alissa described himself as ‘born in Syria 1999 came to the USA in 2002. I like wrestling and informational documentaries that’s me.’ … Alissa sometimes posted about Islam, often about prayer or holidays.

… In one Facebook post, the suspect appeared to express fears that someone was targeting his phone for Islamophobic reasons.

‘Yeah if these racist islamophobic people would stop hacking my phone and let me have a normal life I probably could,’ he posted in July 2019. …

On Facebook, his politics appeared mixed throughout several camps. He shared an article rebuking Donald Trump’s stance on immigration, but also posted about his own opposition to gay marriage and abortion.

A day after the 2019 Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand, Alissa had shared a Facebook post from another user that read, ‘The Muslims at the #christchurch mosque were not the victims of a single shooter. They were the victims of the entire Islamophobia industry that vilified them.'”

“His posts also included homophobic slurs. In a July 2019 post he mocked Microsoft Xbox’s rainbow flag logo it used during pride month, writing, ‘F**box loses PS4 wins’ with two laughing crying emojis.” (Heavy, 23. marts 2021)

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