17. november 2005

Ayaan Hirsi Ali i Profilen – Muhammed er en pervers tyran

Det hollandske parlamentsmedlem Ayaan Hirsi Ali gæster i disse dage Danmark, og var onsdag aften gæst i Profilen på DR. Den officielle programomtale:

Hun kalder profeten Muhammed en pervers tyran og sammenligner ham med Saddam Hussein. Ayaan Hirsi Ali lever under konstant politibeskyttelse, efter hun lavede filmen “Submission” med filminstruktøren Theo van Gogh. Han blev myrdet på åben gade i Amsterdam. Ayaan Hirsi Alis bog “Jeg Anklager” er et hårdt angreb på hele islam – den er netop udkommet på dansk. Ayaan Hirsi Ali er Ugens Profil.”

Det blev som forventet. Tine Gøtzsche gik i rette med Hirsi Ali med små-dumme spørgsmål, der kan opsummeres i et enkelt: Hvorfor holder du ikke op med at provokere muslimerne…

  • 16/11-05 DR Profilen – streaming (22 min.).
  • Alternativt – download (16 mb).
  • Opdate 23/11-05.

  • 19/11-05 Kristeligt Dagblad – Islam må gennem en oplysningstid.
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    1. Assalam-o-alaikum! (Peace be upon you!)

      Just wanted to say I was sorry your site isn’t in English… I was interested in what you had to say regarding Islam, etc.

      Do you write anywhere in English?

      Kommentar by Ameera Khan — 17. november 2005 @ 21:13

    2. Dear Ameera Khan,
      I think I can safely say that the site owner and most listeners to this blog agree to a large extent with Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s views on islam and welcome Musharrafs opposition to islamic extremeists and calls for reforms in the muslim world:

      The Muslim Ummah, or the Islamic world, he said in 2002, is presently living in darkness.

      “Today we are the poorest, the most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most un-enlightened, the most deprived, and the weakest of all the human race,” he told the delegates.

      President Musharraf March 2002 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/1824455.stm

      I think it is very sad for the world that this religion/ideology with it’s (re)introduction of an eternal, universal God-given law separating the world into good and evil deeds, pure and unpure food and animals, worthy and unworthy people (apostates who should be killed f.ex.) ever came into this world.

      Judging from a quick glance at your blog you seem like a decent girl trying to get through life in a decent manner.I respect you for that.

      I try to put my faith in Christ.

      Kindest regards,

      Kommentar by Niels — 17. november 2005 @ 22:31

    3. Well I think the problem with some muslims are that they need to seperate religion and politics. And I think that all religions are equally good. It’s more a matter of taste which religion you want to
      practice in moderation. But according to modern science all religions are nonsence so you shouldn’t fellow any of them.

      Kommentar by Matilde Jensen — 18. november 2005 @ 17:14

    4. Well I think which religion you want to practice is your own personal choice. The problem with few muslims are they need to seperate religion from politics. I think that all religions are equally good. But according to modern science all religions are non sence and shouldn’t be fellowed at all because they are waste of time.

      Kommentar by Kenneth Jensen — 18. november 2005 @ 17:21

    5. Kenneth og Mathilde,

      1) Koranen forstås af ALLE muslimer som værende Guds ord som åbenbaret af Muhammed.

      2) Muhammed et et eksempel til efterfølgelse for muslimer

      3) Da Muhammed selvstændiggjorde sin religion blev han både verdslig, militær og religiøs leder.

      Derfor er det absurd at gøre politisk islam til noget afvigende og uislamisk.

      Kommentar by Kim Møller — 18. november 2005 @ 18:45

    6. Assalam-o-alaikum Niels!

      While I don’t necessarily agree with what you said, I have to say you missed my point… I meant it would be great if I could read this blog in English… I have no clue of what’s written. I can just make out the words “Islam” and “Mohammed” so that’s what intrigues me.

      Thanks for glancing at my blog! I’m a Muslim girl and I am trying to represent Islam truly. What you people consider “representatives of Islam” are people who have diverted from the truth and the West takes them as banner-heads for the “evil face” of Islam.

      I, as an educated and informed Muslim, argue that I wouldn’t separate religion and politics. Islam, for a true believing Muslim, is not a ‘religion’… it is a ‘code of life’, which is the closest translation of the Arabic word “Deen” used for Islam in the Quran. We take Islam (submission to Allah, the one God) in our each act, be it worship (prayers, fasting) or social, political, economic dealings.

      I always suggest to Westerners to look past the “image” of Islam you see on your screen and take up the Quran, read it without prejudice and the notions you adopt from the media.

      When you talk of “Muslim terrorists and fundamentalists”, do you know that Muhammed, our Prophet, brought the lesson of the Quran… and said that we must always be tolerant towards other religions. The concept of “Jihad” is so poorly understood that the West takes it as a war waged by some stupid Muslim barbarians who believe anyone not Muslim is an animal.

      I cannot go on and on in this small space to say all there is to say.

      Thankyou for replying decently to my comment, and I hope there will be some english version of this blog so that I might be able to comment here relevantly. Of world politics and the likes of Musharraf, we Muslim youth are well aware, more so than what can be said for the average Western youth.

      Assalam-o-alaikum! May peace be upon you!

      Kommentar by Ameera Khan — 18. november 2005 @ 23:07

    7. Greetings Ameera Khan

      Following the influx of millions of muslims in Europe, many europeans have actually read the Quran.
      They did not however feel the need to interpret the Quran as holy or in any way infallible.

      In general they look upon the Quran and the islamic faith much like this brave muslim:

      Personally I have much more respect for you than for Muhammed.

      Best wishes!

      Kommentar by Sebastian — 19. november 2005 @ 02:58

    8. And I have all the respect in the world for Muhammed, peace be upon him. :)

      Kommentar by Ameera Khan — 19. november 2005 @ 08:33

    9. Yeaa a realy nice dude, sadistic, robber, childmolester,and a liar, realy a man too pay respect (sic)

      Kommentar by whodares — 19. november 2005 @ 12:34

    10. Ayaan har en pointe i mere end een forstand.


      Kommentar by DaLi — 19. november 2005 @ 14:54

    11. Dear Ameera Khan,
      I am very well aware that islam cannot be separated from politics or indeed the entire “code of life”. As you write: “We take Islam (submission to Allah, the one God) in our each act, be it worship (prayers, fasting) or social, political, economic dealings.”

      The ethymological meaning of the word islam is submission as you rightly write (hence the title of Hirsi Alis film). Islam is submission to an entire “code of life”. You could also say submission to islamic divine and perfect laws as they have been directly and flawlessly delivered directly from god or allah to his last prophet Muhammad.

      A “true representative of islam” cannot disagree that a woman should be veiled, adulterers should be stoned, thieves should be crossamputated, apostates (deserters of islam) should be killed (Hirsi ali is a good example). Can you do that Ameera Khan? I would be thrilled if you said that you didn’t agree with islamic laws on thess points. And if you really don’t agree with those laws, I would like to ask you if you think you would live for very long if you went to the local mosque and said that Muhammed was wrong on certain points.

      Another question: Can man-made laws in a democracy ever have precedence over the divine islamic laws?

      One of the principal reasons democracy is possible in the west are the teachings of Christ. He taught us that laws exist to serve man and not the other way round. He constantly broke sanctified laws and “codes of life” and he gravely offended the scholars of the divine laws of his time. He also taught us that nothing – nothing whatsoever – is sanctified in this world: There are no unpure foods, clothes, places, working hours, people, gender etc. etc.

      In that sense the teachings of Christ are anti-religious, the gospels are liberating man from religious straightjackets to make him or her into a responsible individual before God.

      Some say that you should respect all religions, well I don’t and certainly not islam. I do respect muslims, though, not because they are muslims but because they are human beings.

      Kind regards,


      Kommentar by Niels — 20. november 2005 @ 01:24

    12. Dear Ameera Khan

      I understand you don´t speak our confusing language and want to know what it say´s on this blog….

      Let me sum it up:

      This blog are used to critisise the incompetent politicans we have and the non critical journalists who writes the news.

      The problem for both of them are that they want to belive that all the fanatic isamist are misunderstood, poore people and that it is alle the danish people who are racist. They also belive that all the murders, rapers and more are the victims and not the criminals…
      and every time someone stands up to speak agienst them the persone is “shut down” by all of the “vise” academics and called a racist and more, so thats what this blog are about…

      We have been pulled throug so much shit that we soone can´t handel it any more!

      I respect you for your vision of Islam and I´m glad youseek informations on other languags (or you could just have googlet on this and by accident end up here:-))

      kindest regards


      Kommentar by Lisbeth — 28. november 2005 @ 15:31

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