18. september 2016

Odense: Serie-4 kamp afbrudt efter osmanner-vold – Kildemosens BK var skræmte, turde ikke fortsætte

Det fortælles, at FC Ottomans består af både ‘nydanskere og etniske danskere’, men klubbens logo er ikke desto mindre et militært symbol fra Det Osmanniske Rige. Fra Lokalavisen.dk – Trusler og vold: Boldklub træk sig fra vanvidskamp.

“Med kort tid tilbage af fodboldkampen, der blev spillet for cirka tre uger siden, bad Kildemosens BK dommeren om at fløjte opgøret af, da spillerne var skræmt fra vid og sans. …

Klubbens Serie 4-træner, Güven Bilal, er meget ked af episoden, som han oplevede således:

Vores ene mand bliver kaldt perkerhund, og det får ham til at gå helt amok på den spiller, der sagde det. Han slår desværre modstanderen, og det skulle selvfølgelig aldrig have været sket. Det vil vi gerne undskylde for,” siger Güven Bilal…”

(Militært symbol for Det Osmanniske Rige, med sultanens monograf øverst)

“Red flag on the right is the Turkish flag. Green flag on the left is the Sacred Standard of the Caliphate. Eliptical figure in the middle and the turban above it symbolizes the Ottoman dynasty as the leader (or caliph) of all the Muslims in the World. Flowers on the left symbolize the Toleration of the Ottomans. Weight balance on the left symbolizes the Justice of the Ottomans. Books on the left under the balance are a Koran and a Law book, symbolizing the Islamic state. Weapons on the left and right symbolize the Ottoman Army. Sun symbolizes the greatness of the Ottoman state. Green medallion on the Sun with the sultan’s seal (Tugra) within symbolizes the great Ottoman dynasty. Green half-moon below the sultan’s seal (Tugra) symbolizes that the Ottoman state is the guard of the whole muslims around the World.” (All About Turkey)

“The tughra of Sultan Mahmud II of the Ottoman Empire. It reads Mahmud Khan son of Abdülhamid is forever victorious.” (Wiki)

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  1. Fc Ottomans. Ja okay, en rendyrket islamist klub.

    Kommentar by Tidligerehjernevasketsocialistidiot — 18. september 2016 @ 09:05

  2. Hej Kim, hvis du kopierer-indsætter overskrifter, ville det nok være på sin plads, at rette fejl. Jeg går ud fra Kildemosens Boldklub trAk sig. ;-)

    Kommentar by Nielsen — 18. september 2016 @ 09:08

  3. -> Nielsen

    Altså, jeg kan ikke rette i andres ord. Det gør man bare ikke. I går havde jeg samme problematik: http://www.uriasposten.net/archives/76249

    “Organisationen, der er flere anses som ekstremt højreorienteret, hængte fredag aften skilte og bannere op over en bro. Det fik politiet til at rykke ud.”

    Det var 1/3 af det fremhævede, og gjorde at jeg var nødt til at lave overskriften uden direkte citat.

    Kommentar by Kim Møller — 18. september 2016 @ 09:13

  4. Det er da en ikke-historie. Klubbens træner undskylder korrekt, og jeg formoder at voldsmanden også er anmeldt til politiet. I øvrigt er det ikke I orden at kalde en spiller “perkerhund”, hverken i Champions League eller i serie 4.

    Kommentar by Zatopek — 18. september 2016 @ 09:27

  5. Perkerhund lyder som et ord opfundet til lejligheden, er det ikke oftest nydanskere selv der bruger hund som skældsord?

    Kommentar by Geert — 18. september 2016 @ 09:58

  6. Det er slut med fair play i Danmark pga. af den den invasive art også kaldet korandyrkere, i TV2 News presselogen diskuterer man om det er rimeligt at Ekstra Bladet har afsløret Johanne Schmidt Nielsens nye adresse, nu kan hun være i fare, for hvad mon, kan det være korandyrkerne, forbyd islam i Danmark.

    Kommentar by emmagad — 18. september 2016 @ 10:09

  7. test, mine seneste kommentarer synes ikke at komme igennem?

    Kommentar by Simplex — 18. september 2016 @ 10:24

  8. Tror den voldelige invasive mellemøstlige mentalitet igen er på spil her

    Kommentar by For_Mangfoldighed — 18. september 2016 @ 10:28

  9. Jeps, FC Albertlund Serie 2 er praktisk talt et (volds)kulturberiger hold

    Kommentar by For_Mangfoldighed — 18. september 2016 @ 10:31

  10. Lidt om osmannisk tolerance i moderne tid. Hvordan osmannerne behandlede kristne oprørere (grækere og serbere) – eller bare kristne de ønskede at udrydde helt som etnisk gruppe (armeniere og assyrere) i det 18.-20. århundrede:


    During the Ottoman rule of Greece, impalement became an important tool of psychological warfare, intended to put *terror* into the peasant population. By the 18th century, Greek bandits turned guerrilla insurgents (known as klephts) became an increasing annoyance to the Ottoman government. Captured klephts were often impaled, as were peasants that harbored or aided them. Victims were publicly impaled and placed at highly visible points, and had the intended effect on many villages who not only refused to help the klephts, but would even turn them in to the authorities.[86] The Ottomans engaged in active campaigns to capture these insurgents in 1805 and 1806, and were able to enlist Greek villagers, eager to avoid the stake, in the hunt for their outlaw countrymen.[87]

    Impalement was, on occasion, aggravated with being set over a fire, the impaling stake acting as a spit, so that the impaled victim might be roasted alive.[88] Among other severities, Ali Pasha, an Albanian-born Ottoman noble who ruled Ioannina, had rebels, criminals, and even the descendants of those who had wronged him or his family in the past, impaled and roasted alive. For example, Thomas Smart Hughes, visiting Greece and Albania in 1812–13, says the following about his stay in Ioannina:[89]

    “Here criminals have been roasted alive over a slow fire, impaled, and skinned alive; others have had their extremities chopped off, and some have been left to perish with the skin of the face stripped over their necks. At first I doubted the truth of these assertions, but they were abundantly confirmed to me by persons of undoubted veracity. Some of the most respectable inhabitants of loannina assured me that they had sometimes conversed with these wretched victims on the very stake, being prevented from yielding to their torturing requests for water by fear of a similar fate themselves. Our own resident, as he was once going into the serai of Litaritza, saw a Greek priest, the leader of a gang of robbers, nailed alive to the outer wall of the palace, in sight of the whole city.”

    During the Greek War of Independence (1821–1832), Greek revolutionaries or civilians were tortured and executed by impalement. A German witness of the Constantinople massacre (April 1821) narrates the impalement of about 65 Greeks by Turkish mob.[90]

    Other Greeks had been impaled during the first months of the insurrection in Patras, as it is recorded in the diary of the French consul Hughes Pouqueville and published by his brother François Pouqueville.[91] Athanasios Diakos, a klepht and later a rebel military commander, was captured after the Battle of Alamana (1821), near Thermopylae, and *after refusing to convert to Islam and join the Ottoman army*, he was impaled.[92] Diakos became a martyr for a Greek independence and was later honored as a national hero.

    Impaling perceived rebels was an attested practice in other parts of the empire as well, such as the 1809 quelling of a Bosnian revolt,[95] and during the Serbian Revolution (1804–1835) against the Ottoman Empire, about 200 Serbs were impaled in Belgrade in 1814.[96] Historian James J. Reid,[97] in his Crisis of the Ottoman Empire: Prelude to Collapse 1839–1878, notes several instances of later use, in particular in times of crises, ordered by military commanders (if not, that is, directly ordered by the supreme authority possessed by the sultan). He notes late instances of impalement during rebellions (rather than cases of robbery) like the Bosnian revolt of 1852, during the Cretan insurrection of 1866–69, and during the insurrections in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1876–77. …

    Aurora Mardiganian, a survivor of the Armenian genocide of 1915–1923, recalled sixteen young Armenian girls being “crucified” by their Ottoman tormentors. The film “Auction of Souls” (1919), which was based on her book “Ravished Armenia”, showed the victims nailed to crosses. However, almost 70 years later Mardiganian revealed that the scene was inaccurate and went on to describe what was actually an impalement:

    “The Turks didn’t make their crosses like that. The Turks made little pointed crosses. They took the clothes off the girls. They made them bend down, and after raping them, they made them sit on the pointed wood, through the vagina. That’s the way they killed – the Turks. Americans have made it a more civilized way. They can’t show such terrible things.”

    A Russian clergyman visiting ravaged Christian villages in northwestern Persia during the Assyrian genocide found the remains of several impaled people. He notes: “The bodies were so firmly fixed, in some instances, that the stakes could not be withdrawn; it was necessary to saw them off and bury the victims as they were.”[100]

    . . .

    Wikipedia gør sit bedre for at udglatte og relativere praksissen som noget andre også har gjort, men der er en grund til at det hedder “tyrkernes pæl”. Tyrkerne brugte ikke kun metoden i moderne tid, men helt fra de erobrede Konstantinopel og frem til osmannerrigets undergang i 1917.


    Kommentar by M — 18. september 2016 @ 10:58

  11. Til 9 – Sorry, det var en fejl der blev sakset så meget engelsk tekst. Kom til at sende den før jeg fik klippet i den.

    Men tjek den sidste del der omtaler hvordan amerikanerne i en film sminkede sandheden om tyrkernes praksis under det armenske folkemord… “civiliserede den” fordi de ikke “kunne vise så skrækkelige ting”.

    Kommentar by M — 18. september 2016 @ 11:04

  12. Off topic

    Muslim går amok i et indkøbscenter i Minnesota.


    Kommentar by Svinehunden — 18. september 2016 @ 12:05

  13. @ Geert 5: enig, avisen fremstår som mikrofonholder for perkeren, der prøver på at berettige sin adfærd. Ingen kommentarer fra det andet hold, eller det andet hold’s træner iøvrigt?

    Kommentar by Simplex — 18. september 2016 @ 12:33

  14. Selvfølgelug skal et perkersvin ikke kaldes for en perkerhund, men til gengæld bør de lære deres sønner, at de ikke har nogen ære, ikke er rigtige mænd, og ikke har ret til at blive fornærmede over noget som helst, eller slå igen, hvis de bliver slået, sparket eller spyttet på. Skal de sataner leve i Danmark, skal det være som vores undermænd, aldrig som ligestillede. Og det skal bankes ind i knolden på dem allerede i børnehaven og forældre, der fremturer med at lære deres sønner pis om “ære” skal straffes hårdt.

    Kommentar by Odo — 18. september 2016 @ 13:27

  15. Lidt off-topic ser det ud til at Trollen Niels_O fra 180grader er blevet fundet.Det er der noget der tyder på i kommentarerne.

    Jeg tænker det især vil glæde den gæve Knud M, som jeg også har spottet herinde

    Kommentar by heino — 18. september 2016 @ 18:10

  16. Andre har tippet, men der jo ren (jihad)bold i Allahsbalund.


    Hvornår begynder hjemsendelserne?

    Kommentar by Polka Charlie — 18. september 2016 @ 19:48

  17. Ha Ha kommentaren fra den kulturberigede “Jeg er meget rystet. Jeg havde ikke regnet med, at de ville bruge vold, må jeg sige” Helt ærligt…. hvad fanden regner folk med, koran zombier er overrepræsenteret i ALLE former for person-farlig kriminalitet i hele Europa.

    Kommentar by Tidligerehjernevasketsocialistidiot — 18. september 2016 @ 20:46

  18. Geert — 18. september 2016 @ 09:58,

    jeg mener heller ikke det lyder sandsynligt m ‘perkerhund’. Dels ville de fleste danskere ikke kalde en muslim perker, i situationen af to grunde, da ‘man ikke gør det’ og fordi tyrkere i flok der kaldes perker kan blive voldelige og det ved de fleste danskere nok efterhånden. Og så er ‘hund’ ikke et dansk skældsord. Hunden har i vestlig, modsat muslimsk, kultur et ekstremt positivt billede, jvf fx ‘menneskets bedste ven’, dens udbredelse som det dominerende kæledyr osv.

    men det er et lille element i forhold til det at gribe til vold fordi man bliver fornærmet. Må en dansker så slå en muslim ned hvis han kaldes ‘kuffar’??

    Kommentar by Moran ya Simba — 18. september 2016 @ 21:02

  19. >18 @Geert Helt enig. Det er kun i MENA-lande, at hund er et skældsord. Det lugter af løgn.

    Kommentar by Hertz — 18. september 2016 @ 21:06

  20. Fodbold, og sport i det hele taget er ved at udvikle sig i en kedelig retning. Det er, har jeg lagt mærke til, især sket efter at vi har fået alle de indvandrerklubber til landet. Det er efterhånden sådan at bare man siger et, eller andet til disse sarte, især muhamedanere går de fuldstændig amok og truer, slår og sparker i alle retninger. Det er prisen, som vi må betale for “kulturberigelsen”.

    Kommentar by Allan Gorm Larsen — 18. september 2016 @ 21:15

  21. Jeg har gemt billedet og redigeret geden ind i også, passer lige i hjørnerne.
    De skulle gerne offentliggøres på een eller anden måde.

    Kommentar by Sindsro — 18. september 2016 @ 21:33

  22. Om igen.
    Men dog ikke på samme måde, men med samme resultat.

    Kommentar by Sindsro — 18. september 2016 @ 22:40

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